Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Clutter on the Battlefield

In Diablo II there were so many things that could drop off of a pack of mobs.

Healing Potion, Mana Potion, Antidote Potion, Stamina Potion, Thawing Potion, Scroll of Identify, Scroll of Town Portal, Armor/weaps/jewelery, Charms, Runes, Gems, Gold, variety of different attack potions, arrows/bolts, etc...

One good item littered amongst so much "Junk"

Most of this stuff was "crap" and was never picked up.  Players would pick up the uniques, some rares, sets, runes, and gems.  The rest was left to sit there strewn about the field.  This became especially annoying since monsters were often killed in "packs".  Huge heaps of "stuff" would drop to the ground, of which, a very small percentage of it was actually picked up by players.  The vast majority was waste.

Now, lets take a look at items that can drop in Diablo III.

Gold, Health Potions, Armor/weaps/jewelry, Gems, Crafting pages, and Crafting recipies,....did I miss anything?

Less than half as many item types, and most of which are valuable to you or at least valuable to someone else on the AH.  The only thing I havent been picking up in the Beta were white items and the occasional health pot if I had too many.  Also, the number of items on screen will be rated for 1 player (you).  Not for all the players in game. 

No more scanning through the piles of items with your eyes trying to see if there is anything valuable hidden in there, later wondering if you missed something that you should have picked up.  Gold pickups will not require clicking anymore, so they will be cleaned up like a vacuum as you walk by, assuming you have a decent pickup radius.  That means more playing/fighting and less scanning and clicking to loot.

The down side is that there is something to be said for having some "stuff" strewn about the battlefield,  it is evidence that a great battle took place and adds to the overall feeling of the game.


  1. I like this way of less trash of the ground. When I look back to D2, the thing I was most upset is that the item tooltips kept moving around, making it take wayyy too long to click on the item I really wanted to pick up.

    This was mostly around the spots where the ground was already littered with gold, and the drops that came after tried to find their way to the middle of the cloud, dancing wildly around the perimeter.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I remember playing that loot pickup game too. The worst part was when someone would pick up a gold pile, the game would rearrange all the item names and you had to rescan the pile with your eyes. Looting became a kind of chore rather than something fun. Also, when a rare/unique/rune dropped, all players stopped, mid-fight, to race to click on it.