Monday, May 14, 2012

Diablo III: Zero Hour

We are a matter of HOURS away from the release of Diablo III.  This is the moment that many of us have been waiting for.  Some of us have been waiting since beta was released last year.  Some of us have been waiting since the announcement of Diablo III a few years ago.  Many others (like myself) have been waiting a good 11-12 years for this day to come.  The release is so close you can taste it, minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days. 

To jump right into the action remember to update your client today.  Also, take some time to set up a paypal account if you plan on using the RMAH when it is released.  Gather your ax and your snacks and gear up for battle!!!

I will not begin my play session until about 15 hours post release.  However, I do plan on playing for 36 hours over the 3 days after that.  My guess is that I will be well into nightmare by the weekend (hopefully).

There is a little community that I am taking part in forming over at:

Sign up and meet some new people, make connections, discuss/debate different builds and battle the forces of hell together.  There are even some resources that are being made available for use to forum goers.

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